About Training Voucher Scheme

  • The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) through its ICT Capacity Building Program (ICBP) is embarking on an initiative to create a qualified and certified workforce for the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. One of the main constraints limiting the growth of the local industry is the lack of a suitably qualified workforce. In this regard, a committee comprising of ICT industry representatives along with ICTA identified some key entry level certifications that they believe would have a significant impact in overcoming this constraint.

    According to this scheme, a student can go through a selected industry certification and reimburse the expenses. ICTA defines the certifications applicable for this program. A student can be any person who would like to learn an applicable technology and get themselves certified through an industry standard examination (i.e. Microsoft Cerifications, CISCO Certifications, Red Hat Certifications etc.).

Terms & Conditions

  • An individual receives only one grant.

  • Examinations should have been completed in the year 2014.

  • Entering accurate information is the sole responsibility of the individual. Incorrect information may lead to verification failing or you cheque being sent to the wrong address.

  • Only applications sent via www.futureisit.lk will be accepted.

  • Grants will be given for certifications listed on www.futureisit.lk only.

  • Offer valid till 15th December 2014. Applications sent after this date will not be valid.

  • Awarded at the sole discretion of ICTA and subjected to availability.

Value of Grant

  • The grant intends to cover a maximum of 75% of the cost of certification. The grant will NOT cover the cost of training.

Supported Certifications

  • Click here to download a list of all the certifications supported by this program.

Disbursement Process

  • 1. Student will complete certification examination.

  • 2. Student will register on the website www.futureisit.lk with his/her information and certification information.

  • 3. List of students who have completed the application successfully will be sent to the relevant testers by ICTA for verification every month.

  • 4. Once verified, cheques will be posted to the postal address given by the student. This will be done within 4 - 6 weeks of verification being successful.

Partners of the spiralation program

Application - CLICK HERE to download a list of all supported certifications


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